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The Attic Apartment

Dmitriy Anderson
Done by one of our community members in France in 2011 "Phases of remodeling and description of the layout of our apartment in the attic. The area is about 95 square meters. We were pleased to realize it, even though it wasn’t a walk in the park. We emphasized on the space optimization: cupboards, integration of the laundry appliances, the sound and computer systems, etc. But also on the practical side and daily use, the kitchen, the room. The height - on different photos, you'll notice that the dining room has a lower ceiling. It was built this way to save the space for the room above. We visually increased the ceiling height thanks to the beams. Finally, we gained nearly 15 cm compared to an option with the ceiling below the beams. We also installed a layer of sound insulation into the room."
Leroy Merlin - South Africa, Career