How to install an outdoor wall light


It's very easy provided you have a power supply to the outside wall. Switch off the power before carrying out any work. If you only isolate the circuit you are working on at the fuse box, check that the power is actually cut off by using a multimeter.

You will need an outdoor wall light with infrared detector and a low-energy bulb.

1. The right tools


You will need a spirit level, a hammer, drill, a masonry bit, wire cutters and strippers and a screwdriver.

2. How to install and connect up the wall light


Remove the body of the light from it’s base. Push the cables through the hole in the base. Mark the holes for the wall plugs. Drill, then push the wall plugs into the holes. Put the base of the light back in place. Thread the cables through the opening and screw the base to the wall. Strip six millimeters of insulation from the wires and then follow the instructions
that came with the appliance to connect it to the mains. Replace the connector strip and cables carefully. Reassemble the light and the base and tighten the nuts. Adjust the timer delay and low light sensitivity as you require.