How to install sliding wardrobe doors


Sliding wardrobe doors are easy to install and are available in a number of finishes and colors.

A rapid solution to keeping everything tidy, you will need two sliding wardrobe doors, a strip of slotted track for the top and bottom rail.

1. The right tools


You will need a tape measure, a pencil, a stepladder, a hacksaw, a meter block, a drill, a cordless drill, a hammer, a screwdriver, a spirit level, a set square, a ruler and a circular saw.

2. How to take the right measurements


Measure the height of the planned wardrobe from two different places and use the smaller measurement. Measure the width from two places and use the larger measurement. A recess of 60 centimeters is perfect. Allowing 10 centimeters for the sliding doors to work properly means that there will be enough depth remaining for the storage units and hanging space.

3. How to install rail tracks


Mark the correct width on the slotted track to avoid damaging the slots. Insert wooden slats or polystyrene scraps while you cut the track with the hacksaw.

If there are no holes already drilled, drill the first hole five centimeters from the edge, then drill every forty to fifty centimeters on alternate sides of the two slots. Hold the strip flush inside the recess to mark the drill holes. If you are working alone, two or three strips of double-sided tape will make the job easier.

 Mark the fixing points. Remove the slotted track and drill. Insert the wall plugs and screw the strip in place. Mark the width of the bottom rail and cut to fit.

4. How to cut the doors if necessary


You will not be able to cut glass or mirrored sliding doors to fit. You should therefore order them made to measure. If necessary, you may adjust the door staff at the height as well as the width of the wardrobe. Remove the side brackets. Mark the height of the wardrobe less four centimeters and mark the cut line with the ruler and set square. Cut along the line with the circular saw. Now adjust the height of the side brackets. Mark the height of the door and cut to fit using the meter box and reassemble the brackets on the door panels.

5. How to fix the guide rail


Position the rail on the ground without fixing it and a little further back in relation to the strip. Slot the door panel into the strip and lower it to place the sliders into the rail.
Check the door panel is perpendicular, moving the rail as necessary then mark the position on the ground. Mark the drill points drill. Insert wall plugs and fix the rail to the ground. Where there is underfloor heating use only adhesive to fix the rail in place.

6. How to install and adjust the doors


Slot the rear door panel into the strip then lower it to clip the sliders on to the rear track then install the front door panel.

 The sliders may be adjusted by screwing and unscrewing if necessary.

Adjust the position of the door panels to ensure each is perfectly perpendicular or aligned against the side of the Wardrobe.

Sliding doors can be adjusted to fit your own wardrobe size and offer a variety of solutions to keep everything tidy.