Terms of the return policy 

You can request the return of an article from your account. To do this, go into your 

Order tracking and click on the button to return a product corresponding to the concerned order. 

You have a period of three (3) months to return an article. If you hold the membership card, this period is extended to six (6) months. 
Items must be returned in its packing of origin, along with all the accessories and notes, being in good condition, and accompanied in their Bill. Products "made to measure" will not be taken back. 


Return to store 

You can return any item in good condition at your nearest Leroy Merlin store, regardless of the initially chosen delivery option. Stores return only items in perfect condition. If your item is broken or defective, please contact the Customer Servicewhich is responsible for organizing the return of your item. 
According to the general State of the article, the stores have the ability to redirect you to the Customer Service. 


Return by carrier

To return an item by mail or a carrier, we invite you to contact us so that Customer Service can arrange the return. 
If your article is broken, we ask you to provide us with pictures of the damage and attach them to the contact form. 
If it is a package of small size, a return label to stick on your package is sent to you. You can then leave your package at the post office, and use the number of shipping the package to track the return. 
In the case of an article that is heavy and bulky, once the application has been registered by Customer Service, you are contacted within a period of three (3) working days to arrange a meeting with the carrier in charge to get the package. 
An email is sent to you to confirm receipt of the item returned by our services. 


Terms of repayment and replacement of returned items   

Refunds and replacements of returned items are issued upon receipt of the article by our services. In case of refund, it is done on the payment method for the order. If paying by cheque, you will be asked to provide us with a succession of Bank. You are notified by email as soon as the refund. 
If you chose a replacement of your article, please note that the delivery time of the Exchange is calculated on receipt of the item returned by our services and based on its availability