Green product: AAC blocks

Discover how using AAC blocks in your home will help you living a healthier life.

Have you ever heard about AAC blocks? These alternatives to clay bricks have definitly more than one bag of tricks. And on top of that, they are eco-friendly. A greener product for a better life: AAC blocks might seduce you.

Here are the information you need to know about this smart product.

- AAC blocks are cost saving

They allow the interior to remains cool in summer and warm in winter: this provides up to 60% reduction in heating and cooling costs thanks to a reduced use of A/C and heater.


- AAC blocks are non-toxic products

They do not contain any toxic gas substances, do not pollute the air, lands or water and reduce by 50% the greenhouse gas emission compared to clay bricks.


- AAC blocks are energy efficient 

Manufacturing AAC blocks consumes approximately 70% less energy when compared to the manufacturing process of clay bricks.


- AAC blocks reduce wastes

AAC blocks improve the reduction of waste during the manufacturing process due to their uniform surface.


And on top of these advantages, AAC blocks have also a lot of other qualities that you will love as soon as you will start using them:

- They are light weight: approximatly 1/3rd of the conventtional clay bricks weight. Easier to transport, easier to manipulate!

- They provide good sound insulation: between 40 and 46dB of noise reduction depending on the blocks thickness.

- They are easy to use: AAC blocks can be cut very easily with the appropriate saw (find it in store here!) and require less quantities of bricks.

- They are fire resistant: between 2 and 6 hours of resistance depending on the blocks thickness

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