How to choose my Garage Doors? Let's make the right call!

For 1 Car (Single)

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For 2 Cars (Double)

Roll-up opening

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Only available for 1 car garage doors in standard measurements

Sectional opening

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Available for 1 or 2 car garage doors in standard and made to measure sizes




Insulated Aluzinc

Aluminium frame


1 Stripe



Wooden Sectional Doors
Aluzinc Sectional Doors
Aluminium Sectional Doors
Insulated Steel Sectional Doors
Aluminium Frame Sectional Doors

Advices to choose a garage door

Choosing a garage door, for a new construction or in replacement of an existing one is an exciting process.
To be sure to make the right choice, there are a few questions you must ask yourself, such as:

1- Width: Single (1 car) or Double (2 cars)
2- Height: Standard (2100mm) or Caravan (from 2400mm)
3- Opening Type: Roll-Up or Sectional Over Head
4- Material (Wood, Aluzinc, Aluminium, Aluzonc Insutalted)

5- Color (White, Bronze, Charcoal, Wood...)

6- Automation (Motorized or not)


Leroy Merlin South Africa is proud to offer you turnkey solutions : a wide variety of doors including Made to measure, delivery and installation services.


We offer installation services for all types of garage doors.

Flats rates are available for standard products anywhere in Gauteng

For single size doors: R1600
For double size doors: R2000

Flat rates include delivery, installation of the garage door and of the motor if needed

To beneficiate from the flat rates, you must respect the below conditions:




Self Diagnostic - Do I need a Standard or Made to measure door?

1 car door

Clearence single door

2 car door

Clearance double single door

2 car door

Clearance double door

My garage is different

Your measurements don't match the standard requirements?
No problem, we will design a door suitable to your situation.
Rendez-vous in store for the next steps.

Customized Sectional Door with Aluminium Frame

We offer installation services, from both our partners manufacturers & Kandua