How to install a bathtub faucet?

1. Drill the holes of the Taps

Throat and edge of the bathtub
Throat and edge of the bathtub
To install a tap on the groove, drill the bathtub with different holes in relation to the chosen fitting (bath taps may require from 1 to 5 holes). 
Acrylic bathtubAcrylic bathtub
Drill with a hole saw, standard diameter 35 mm.

2. Thread the threaded rod and feed hoses

Threaded shaftThreaded shaft

Using an adjustable wrench, screw the threaded rod into the valve which will be used to hold and tighten the assembly.

Supply hosesSupply hoses

Using a wrench, screw the supply hoses to the faucet. Be careful not to swap them: red marking for hot water on the left, blue marking for cold water on the right.

3. Fix the valve

Elements of the faucets

Elements of the faucets

The faucets on the throat have their base which is fixed directly on the throat of the bathtub. However, it is possible to adapt a wall-mounted fitting to the installation on the groove by installing balusters.
Good to know: It is nevertheless necessary to choose columns adapted to the thread of the chosen wall fitting.

Position the upper O-ring in the faucet, before engaging the valve with the hoses in the hole (s).

Install the bottom seal and insert the retaining plate.
Engage and tighten the nut.

4. Connect faucets to water supplies

Elements of the faucets

Screw the hoses to the water inlets, taking care not to swap the hoses (hot/cold water).
It is also possible to fix shut-off valves between the hoses and the water inlets.
Good to know : Before connecting, rinse the water pipes to eliminate the waste (filings, limescale residues, sand ...) in order to preserve the taps.