1.1 We offer a facility to you where we reserve Products chosen by you on your behalf which you pay over a period of time. We retain these Products until you have paid the full purchase price. 

1.2 You agree:

(1) to complete and sign a separate form setting out the Products you have selected to purchase on lay-by, the purchase price, and the intervals of payment;

(2) to pay a deposit of 20% immediately and make payments at the agreed intervals and of at least the minimum amount specified in the Lay-by form in Store or via EFT before or on the due date;

(3) you are not entitled to receive the Products until the full purchase price has been paid; 

(4) that you are not the owner of the Products until the full purchase price has been paid, until which time the Products will remain at our risk;

(5) that these terms and conditions, as well as the Lay-by form signed by you, constitute the entire agreement between us for purposes of the Lay-by;

(6) that if the VAT rate in relation to the Products reserved for you in terms of Lay-by facility

changes at any time before the full purchase price is paid by you, we will be entitled to recover the VAT increase from you prior to delivery or collection of the Products;

1.3 You may choose to pay at more regular intervals and higher amounts than set out in the Lay-by form. 

1.4 The total period of the Lay-by is 6 (six) months and this period may not be extended. 

1.5 If you terminate the Lay-by agreement before paying the full purchase price, or if you fail to pay the minimum amount for the Products before the monthly due date as set out in the Lay-by form, we:

(1) may charge a termination penalty of 1% of the full purchase price of the Products; 

(2) you may request written details on how the penalty was calculated; and

(3) will refund any amounts paid by you under the Lay-by facility after we have deducted the termination penalty;

1.6 We will provide you with a statement of account via email and/or SMSIt is your responsibility to check the correctness of this statement and inform us within seven days of receipt if you believe that the statement is incorrect. 

1.7 It is your responsibility to inform us if your contact details change.