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LEROY MERLIN has always sought to create relationships with those in its surroundings. Exchanges and partnerships with local entities, close relationships with residents and homeowners anywhere in the world that LEROY MERLIN operates, are part of this interaction so encouraged and valued by the banner.

Our customers

Meeting with residents and homeowners

Exchange with customers


Our suppliers

Referencing regional suppliers

Developing long-term relationships



Impact assessment

Local recruitment


Our associates

Promoting local actions and events

Employee commitment


The opening of a LEROY MERLIN store creates a wealth of benefits for a city and its suburbs. Each new store creates, on average, nearly 150 lasting jobs. For the region’s suppliers, it also represents the chance to access the international market.

Lastly, it means the development of solid partnerships with those who create and sustain local community life. Each store manager enjoys a great deal of autonomy to take all appropriate steps in his or her own territory with those working in local economic, social, and cultural development.