Pickup In Store

Collect 2 hours in store

Want to save time? Order Your products online and pick them up at your store 2 hours later for stored products.

    Select your products from the stock item in your store*

   Pay your order online

     Collect you order 2 hours later at the pick-up service ar your store

    I place my order now and I collect it in 2 hours.


How to pay for my order Collect 2h? 

You can pay your order directly on the site to save time during the collect. 


I cannot collect my order, how long will it be kept? 

Do you have a counter-time? No problem, we keep your order 2 days after the collect date you selected. 


What products can be collected? 

All products in stock and eligible products not stocked, with the exception of materials and landscaping products. 


Is there a minimum order amount to take advantage of the 2h collect service? 

No, no minimum amount.